Walker Audio

Lloyd Walker’s passion for audio started in 1976 with a $64 AR turntable. A friend of mine bought a much more expensive turntable, but the AR was clearly superior.” he says. “I had to find out why.”  That began a fascinating journey into the world of audio and eventually high-end audio.

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Kuzma Ltd first started production in 1982. Founded by Franc Kuzma, it was born of his interest in music combined with a mechanical engineers education which, together with experience working on acoustic transducers, culminated in an interest in producing high quality playback from records.

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Michell Engineering

Throughout our forty year history, we have strived to offer the very best products and service to our customers. Right from our very humble beginnings, we have set out to design and build products that offer true innovation to the audio world whilst still retaining the personal touch that was instilled into the company by our founder – the late John Michell.

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Hartvig Audio


• Handcrafted in Denmark

• Attention to details

• Sound with soul

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Dynamic Sounds Associates

Dedicated audiophiles who have experienced components designed and manufactured by Dynamic Sounds Associates (DSA) rave about the dramatic sonic improvement they enjoy. Ironically, the intense research and relentless engineering efforts that distinguish a DSA design are about only one thing: contributing to the journey from musical source to final expression without leaving any sonic imprint.

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Keith Monks

The Keith Monks is the Original Record Cleaning Machine: the world’s first commercially produced electric device for cleaning gramophone records, originally developed by Keith Monks Audio for BBC engineers in London to meet the exacting standards of radio broadcasting.

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Atma-Sphere music systems, Inc. is a small company in Saint Paul, MN that has been making world-class vacuum tube music amplifiers since 1976. We are known for our unique approach to circuit design, resulting in multiple patents and the creation of the first, truly reliable Output TransformerLess (OTL) amplifiers.

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The SOTA products available today continue the tradition of exceptional analog playback performance established over thirty years ago. And, we have seen a very strong, enthusiastic response from the industry in keeping these exceptional products in the specialty audio market.

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Herron Audio

Herron Audio

Keith Herron, the owner and principal designer at Herron Audio, is a graduate of Iowa State University and a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer. He was formerly director of R&D for Ampeg, Crate, and Audio Centron. He combines a strong background in electronics, mathematics, physics, and music with a keen ear and an open-minded analysis of audio equipment design. He describes himself as an audiophile, a lover of music, and a “former” musician.

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Tri-Planar officially came into being when the Wheaton Decoupled Arm was initially introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, 1981. The design of that first arm was the result of years of research and development by Tri-Planar founder, Herb Papier.

Over 30 years in research and design, the Tri-Planar tonearms´ unique dual-pivot design offers maximum adjustability and watch-like precision upon all three planes of geometry.

1. Adjustable azimuth
2. Adjustable vertical tracking angle
3. Vertical bearing at record height
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Kudos Audio

The Kudos range of loudspeakers are designed with the overriding principle of allowing our customers to enjoy their music as much as possible! Kudos speakers have established themselves as some of the best-sounding available, with each model setting a standard at its respective price point.

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In 2010, Richard Mak partnered up John Solecki to lead an engineering team with backgrounds in Electrical, Computer, Audio and Mechanical Engineering in the automotive, aerospace and sound recording industry. After 6 years of Research and Development, the “AnalogMagik All in One Analog Setup Software & Test LPs” is born.

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Silent Source Cables

Silent Source is a small company founded by Frank Dickens which has been around for several years but mostly flown under the radar, essentially making handmade cables in short production runs with no real marketing or advertising and growing primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Karan Acoustics

Karan Acoustics audio equipment is the result of a more than 30-year long career in professional electronics.Karan Acoustics has spent countless hours designing and listening to our and other audio equipments, and in that process,Karan Acoustics have adopted certain design and production solutions, which are characteristic of our products.

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